Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lorenzo Perry, An Angel

The following text is the obituary for Lorenzo Perry (10/17/1967-8/12/2010), transcribed from that which appeared on the program for his memorial, which took place at McCollough Funeral Home, 851 E. 75th St., Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, August 21, 2010:

Lorenzo Perry, affectionately known as "Lo", "Reezo" or "Frog", was born in Chicago, Illinois to Willie Frank Sr. and Bernice Perry.

Lorenzo's humorous nature was very hearty and his being was welcoming. Especially while performing his imitation of Dino the dinosaur from the Flintstones cartoon. His large stature shrank in the eyes of children as he made them smile and laugh at his antics. He was a kindhearted and loving man whose outgoing spirit touched the people whom he met. If needed, he would give you the shirt off his back.

Two of Lorenzo's passions were music and food. His interest in music led him to hone his musical ear into a magnificent talent. He was a self taught clarinet and piano player. One song in particular he often played on the piano was Chariots of Fire. He loved to play music but to hear the sounds of House music are what moved him to dance. Lorenzo's love for food was translated into his cooking skill. Even as a kid he would concoct simple ingredients into delectable meals and mouth watering deserts.

On Thursday, August 12, 2010, Lorenzo fell asleep in death at the age of 42.

Lorenzo is survived by his mother, Bernice Perry, brothers Willie Frank Jr., Michael Anthony and Richard Lee Eric; sisters Glenda Marie, Janice Melinda, Donnella & Deidre Narissa; 21 nieces and nephews; 13 great nieces and nephews; and a host of other relatives and friends.

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